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Jasper & Co Sizing and How to Measure Your Pet:

We know that our favorite fur-babies come in all kinds of unique size and shape, so we've done our best to help make sure you get the size right on your first purchase. 

Although we always try our best to accommodate pets of any breed and size, use this page as a guide only. We recommend first checking your measurements alongside the Size Guide on the product page to get the best idea of size. If you're unsure of your size, please make sure that you measure and double check the sizing of your pet before making a size selection.

Also our sizing may be different to other brands that are on the market. Ensure that you double check the sizing of each product against your pets measurements. 

Here are some tips on measuring your pet:

  • Harnesses - each harness has its individual size chart. Measure the widest part of the neck where the collar or harness naturally sits, and widest part of the rib cage behind the front legs for chest measurements. You'd want the fit to be snug (but not too tight that it would make your pet uncomfortable). 

  • Collars - Measure your dogs neck with room for two fingers to ensure not too tight. Once you have measured your pets neck the collar sizing on our website should leave enough room for buckle holes and over hang. If in doubt size up.

  • Apparel - For Apparel items, usually, a little room for them to move is better.  As a general rule of thumb, allow enough room to slip 2 fingers between the measuring tape and your pet to get a snug fit. 

We have included a Chart as a guide for you and we recommend measuring your pet while standing. 

X Small

Up to 25-35 cm in length

Breed examples: Jack Russell, Toy poodle, Maltese, Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Dash-hound


Up to 35-45 cm in length

Breed examples: Cavoodle, Pug, Schnauzer, Cavalier, Corgi 


Up to 45-55 cm in length

Breeds: Cocker spaniel, Border collie, Beagle, French Bulldog

Cocker Spaniel

Up to 55-65 cm in length

Breeds: Labrador, Golden Retriever etc. 

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