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Updated: Jan 13

As a new dog mum, i found myself over thinking everything. So worried about doing something wrong and hurting my new pup or not providing everything that he needs. It's not like they can have a conversation with us and let us know what they are thinking and what they need. This little blog just highlights some of the key concerns that i personally had when it came to purchasing the right walking accessories for my new pup, and some things that should be considered before purchasing your harness and dog apparel.

What to consider when purchasing your dogs harness

Pets are some of the most essential elements in our lives. When you get a dog, one of the most important things is to ensure that they get enough exercise. Taking your dog for a walk is one of the recommended forms of exercise. It is best to ensure that you get a harness for your dog. There is a wide range of harnesses out there. It can be challenging to find the most suitable harness for your pet due to the countless options that are available.

The harness is designed in such a way that it fastens around the body of the pet that is wearing it, thereby taking much of the pressure off the neck. The use of the harness is ideal for the pets that are small. To get your pet the best harnesses that are available, the starting point would be to understand the designs that are available. The standard design of the dog harness is one which works by fastening around the back of the dog and its chest.

The other design is the no-pull harness which tighten slightly on application of pressure under the dog’s front armpits, this can cause irritation or discomfort.

Choosing a harness that hugs the dog too tightly will only hurt the dog. A harness that is too loose allows the dog to wiggle out and will not serve it's intended purpose. Ensure to check your pups measurements before purchasing online.

What to consider when buying your pups first collar

Collars need to be in good condition, adjusted to fit correctly and comfortable for your dog to wear. The general rule of thumb is that you need to be able to slide two fingers comfortably under the collar. Puppies grow extremely quickly so you need to check the fit of your puppy's collar at least a few times a week.

What to consider when buying your pups bandana

Most dogs are relaxed wearing them as they are used to wearing a collar but some dogs may become stressed or upset if it makes them feel uncomfortable. Don't force your dog to wear a bandana if they don't like it. Never leave your dog unattended wearing a bandana or other accessories.

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