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Updated: Jan 13

5 months ago i met my best friend. How could this tiny little fluff ball come into our lives and completely change everything? Turn everything upside down? in the absolute most amazing way possible!

Making the decision

For pretty much 2 months straight, all i did day and night was watch YouTube videos about Toy Cavoodles. I read books, i spent all hours of every day at work looking through photos of these adorable little puppies. Honestly i never thought i was mature enough at the age of 23 to get a puppy and not regret it or not be completely in over my head. But one day i got a call from a lady off Gumtree who i had previously contacted about a puppy but she had non left. She told me her sister in law was due to deliver a litter of Toy Cavoodles the following week, so i promptly gave her my details to pass on and waited for a call. 2 hours later i was putting a deposit on the last puppy she had left, still inside his mummas tummy.

Preparing for his arrival

Literally 2 months before picking him up, i had everything ready. His play pen, crate, bed, blankets, toys, food, treats, i was that crazy lady who's apartment looked like she has 5 dogs when i hadn't even picked up my first. I was so scared i wouldn't be ready so i just went mad with the preparations. Which is funny because he didn't need most of what i bought him, but at least i had the essentials. From the day i knew he has coming i received photo updates of him every week from the breeder. I couldn't believe how quickly he was developing every week! They grow so fast.

Pick up day!

The day had finally come, when i was going to leave the house knowing when i come back i will have a tiny little fluff depending on me 24 hours a day. When i picked him up i could not believe how small he was, it was terrifying, but he was the cutest little thing i had ever seen. The breeder told me to expect him to be very timid and sleepy the whole drive home, because he would be nervous being in a car for the first time. The second we drove out of the driveway Jasper was barking, crawling up my arm and ready to play. After 10 minutes of being a little nut case he fell asleep in my jumper, on my chest for the rest of the drive home. I knew the first day we brought him home, i knew he was the love of my life.

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